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The Key to Profit Is Phrases Googled by Users

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Search engines such as Google, Seznam, Bing or the Russian Yandex remain unshakable pillars of internet operation. Although users consume news titles and funny videos with cats most often on social networks, whenever they want to investigate something, find a solution to a problem or make a purchase, their practically immediate unconscious choice is Google.

And the words and phrases they search for are the most truthful expression of their needs. One who knows a customer’s true needs is in the best position to help meet them. And if they help, then they will probably also make money.

The most important data for your digital marketing

The phrases that users search for can be examined using a number of tools. Such surveys look for the phrases used in searches and how many people search for the specific phrase on average. These phrases are called “keywords” in professional terminology, which is why this is called a keyword analysis.

This analysis is the cornerstone of all a company’s marketing activities. You should actually view this as soon as you start thinking about the service or deciding which product to sell. Without it you can only guess what customers exactly want and what they call it. But with this, you know precisely.

Most entrepreneurs who understand their field usually have the impression that they know exactly what customers want. This is sometimes true, but they often get stuck somewhere between technical terms and their own plan of what they want to sell, instead of what customers are looking for on the internet.

An analysis of keywords will help you avoid similar mistakes and save you lots of money.

Find out what customers are thinking and talking about

No one in the world intuitively knows the actual needs and desires of thousands and millions of people in their company’s target group. It’s practically impossible to “tune in” to the thoughts of such a large number of people. But if an entrepreneur wishes to successfully sell on-line, they need this understanding.

A keyword analysis therefore:

  • Shows what phrases people use for searches in your field.
  • Indicates which products or services are most popular.
  • Calculates which groups of keywords have the lowest average cost per click.
  • Helps logically segment words for use in advertising campaigns.
  • Corrects the view of which words users actually use when searching for your products/services.

It affects all fields of marketing and sales

At Instinct we primarily use keyword analyses to create performance-based advertising campaigns, for which we search for keywords at which we can target adverts with the best price/performance ratio.

We identify this as the cornerstone of marketing because, apart from advertising, it is also very important for planning the following activities:

  • Overall marketing and sales strategy
  • Creating and redesigning a website or e-shop
  • Content marketing
  • Social network administration
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Communication with customers

What is keyword analysis?

There is no one model for keyword analysis that should or even must be used by everyone. To some degree, the methods for its execution are a valuable “company secret” for every specialist or agency.

Our analysis usually works with several thousand to tens of thousands of keywords and consists of two parts. A table brimming with data and a presentation explaining what we established during the analysis. The table is our work tool, the presentation is mainly used as a summary for the client.

Examples of keyword analyses

We carry out analyses in English and Czech. We have included several screenshots from analyses on the topic of digital marketing below, which we sell to foreign marketers.

Screenshots of presentations

Keyword Research Screenshot
Keyword Research Screenshot
Keyword Research Screenshot

Screenshots of tables

Keyword Research Screenshot
Keyword Research Screenshot
Keyword Research Screenshot

5 examples of how a keyword analysis is used

  • Selection of phrases in response to which your advert will be displayed when users search for them on Google or Seznam.
  • Proposal of e-shop categories based on what users search for most often and how they think about products.
  • Creation of texts for websites (and off-line material) so they speak the same language as potential customers.
  • Summary of the needs of potential customers when creating a so-called marketing person.
  • Estimate of the size of a market and potential sales (usually in combination with other available data).


Not knowing the keywords for your field is like shooting blindfolded. If you have an unlimited amount of ammunition, then you may hit the target even with a blindfold. But it’s much more likely that you’ll run out of ammunition before you do.

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